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Synergic multiprocess pulsed equipment of DIGITECH VP2 (VISION PULSE 2) series are the evolution of DIGITECH VISION PULSE.
The use of a very latest generation microprocessor and of a new arc control software vision.ARC2 allow to obtain an incredibly far superior premium quality welding performance unthinkable till this day.
DIGITECH VP2 equipment are characterized by a synergic digital control to automatically determine the best welding parameters, based on the used type of material, wire diameter and gas.
DIGITECH VP2 innovative digital control with colour display fully meets the needs of combining synergy with the total control of all the welding parameters, for a far more modern and effective approach to welding.
Technologically ahead, robust and easy-to-use, they offer premium welding quality at high speed, in PULSED MIG, DUAL PULSED, MIG-MAG, MMA and TIG with “lift” arc striking and represent the best solution in any industrial field requiring high precision and repeatability of the achieved results.
DIGITECH 3200 VP2 is designed with a built-in feeder.

CEA digitech-compact